Password less SSH login to another server can be very useful when you want to configure a remote backup server or when migrating servers. For enabling this you need to have openSSH installed on the server. Here is a tutorial on how to configure password less SSH login to server ‘mars’ from server ‘earth’

1. Login to earth as root.

2. Run the command ssh-keygen -t rsa
If the key already exists you can either go to step 3 or you can generate a new key by overwriting existing key (see image). It would be better to overwrite the existing key if you did not generate it.

3. Change directory to /root/.ssh/

[email protected]:~# cd /root/.ssh/
[email protected]:~/.ssh#

4. Copy the contents of the file to the directory /root/.ssh/authorized_keys
scp -P [email protected]_server_IP:/root/.ssh/authorized_keys

5. You will be able to login to the remote server ‘mars’ by typing ssh [email protected]_server_IP -p without password nowRead more..

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Linux files systems work great. Especially ext3 is a mature file system and very robust. With journaling turned the filesystems stays consistent also on an unexpected power loss or system crash (wich normally never happens on linux  ) and you don’t need long disk checks to repair the file system in such a case. There is almost no disk fragmentation and a lot of more cool features … But the best linux feature is: if you remove a file or directory it’s gone. It’s not moved to trash, its not marked as deleted, there are no annoying messageboxes, it just does what you say. I love that!
But from time to time also experienced users make mistakes and you delete something wrong. As Murphy’s law says: “if anything can go wrong it will” and so you will not have a copy of the deleted files and the backup will be outdated. So what to do now?
I want to explain the procedure by using the problem I had as example.

How the trouble came up for me

As usual I was working on my Gentoo Linux laptop. I just wanted to add a new folder with sources to my subversion repository. I wanted to add first the folder, then some files within the folder…Read more..

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Cellphone care and feeding

Cellphones are frequently used as gateways for communication with computers via SMS messages. For that purpose they tend to be tethered to the host computer by a serial cable (usually FBUS) and controlled by a suitable host software, eg. Gnokii. They are also powered from a mains adapter.

However, when transmitting, the phones demand a huge pulse current (sometimes 2 amps and more), even if its average current consumption stays in low hunderds milliamps at worst. The wall wart adapter is inexpensive and anemic, therefore even with mains feed, the phone stays woefully dependent on its internal battery (usually NiMH or Li-ion) to serve the energy when the mains feed is not enough.


Late in its life cycle, the battery becomes old, its capacity drops, and its internal resistance soars. The result is growing voltage drop during the pulse load. If the battery voltage falls below a threshold, the phone switches itself off. The symptom is a phone dying during handling a phonecall, and later even during sending/receiving a message.Read more..

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In this article we will try to give you a taste of web operating systems. What you can do with them and where to find them.

Some of the OS mentioned, require that you register an account, while others require that you have a beta invitation.Read more..

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This is  a simple article to setup a DNS Server in Ubuntu. Please follow the steps to make this.  Setting up DNS Server is used to serve the new domain names using your IP. This is kind of providing webhosting.

Step1: We need to install bind 9 for this

Read more..

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Going through the searches and links on the email, I came across this fantastic way of viewing content that requires registration, without actually registering for these sites.

Trick I use is to visit BugMeNot and in the search box, enter the webite you want to view content from, for exampleNyTimes. This will then give you a list of usernames and passwords that you can use to login to the website and view the content. Along with the username and passwords, it provides their accuracy percentage. This way, you dont have to go through the annoyance of registering yourself.
Read more..
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