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Below video will show you how to shutdown your computer from anywhere using a texting capable cell phone, Microsoft Outlook and a free account from

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Build a music-driven miniature laser light show using a laser pointer, an old speaker, and a coffee can. The motion of the laser will be directed by music that you play.
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Learn how to get free electricity from your home telephone line just by watching this video. Save money on your power bill, and [email protected] into the electricity coming out of the phone jack. The phone company doesn't monitor electricity usage, so you can probably get away with this con. Check out this video tutorial and learn how to tap into the electrical energy source in your phone line.
Free Hidden Electricity! - video powered by Metacafe
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This flame you CAN hold, without burning your skin off. Learn to make fireballs you can hold in your hand. This amazing video tutorial shows you how to do it. All you'll need for this little science experiment or fiery weapon is 100% cotton cloth, scissors, lighter fuel, cotton string, and a needle. Be careful to follow the directions in this how-to video carefully otherwise you'll really be playing with fire.

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Learn how to make an automatic bug killing machine. This works great and is really simple to make in just a few minutes! Those bugs will never bother you again.

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Want to capture the surround sound experience in a pair of headphones?Here's how you can modify an ordinary pair of headphones to play back sound in 5.1 quality.

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Lock Picking For Beginners
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