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. This is far from romantic and will make her think that the only thing she is good for in your eyes is to be the homemaker. If you do something like this don't be surprised to find yourself sleeping on the couch or with the dog.

If you want to make her happy you can't go wrong with sleepwear or lingerieRead more..

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In this article we will try to give you a taste of web operating systems. What you can do with them and where to find them.

Some of the OS mentioned, require that you register an account, while others require that you have a beta invitation.Read more..

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Going through the searches and links on the email, I came across this fantastic way of viewing content that requires registration, without actually registering for these sites.

Trick I use is to visit BugMeNot and in the search box, enter the webite you want to view content from, for exampleNyTimes. This will then give you a list of usernames and passwords that you can use to login to the website and view the content. Along with the username and passwords, it provides their accuracy percentage. This way, you dont have to go through the annoyance of registering yourself.
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If you think that the security of the e mails might be compromised, sending encrypted mails will definitely come to your rescue as it will add an extra layer of security to your communication. For this purpose, i have long been looking for a free service. Today i came across a website titled Secrets (beta) that offer you a web based e mail encryption service for free.Read more..

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“Spam in Twitter”, according to Sysomos report 32% of tweets are generated by bots (150 times/day), in those 24% of Tweets are spam.

Well to reduce spam all are saying one thing,so i’m also stressing that “Be Selective in Following”others. When we created an account ,with in 60 second’s we got six followers,all are from pron websites. Also don’t hurry to get followers by joining other websites which will promise to provide thousands of followers! Also read 3 Ways Scammers are Filling Twitter With Junk at Mashable.

5 Tools to reduce Twitter SpamRead more..

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Wanna know Address of the girl you like?, or address of your friend?. It is so easy to trace the addresses, just you need is their phone number.

EXAMPLE: For tracing the address of a number located in Madhya Pradesh (India) just log in toRead more..

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If you have a website too big for a web host or you want to be able to quickly make changes on your website, you may want to try to run your own web server on the computer you are viewing this page from. This guide will tell you home web server basics and not tell you how to work with a particular software.Read more..

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Prey is a lightweight program that will help you track and find your laptop
 if it ever gets stolen. It works in all operating systems and not only is it Open Source but also completely free.

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