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       Address resolution protocol or ARP is a protocol that is used to get the hardware address (MAC) of a device on the network with its IP address (Network Layer). RARP does the opposite of ARP; it will look up the IP address with the MAC address. RARP works a little differently, it will send out a broadcast asking who has the MAC address, a RARP server will then respond with the nodes IP address. ARP is commonly used in Ethernet networks but can also be used in other types of networks. Ipv6 doesn’t use ARP, but rather NDP (Network Discovery Protocol). In order for Ethernet to send data it needs the MAC address of the receiving device.

A MAC address uniquely identifies a device on the network and is in the Data Link level (level 2) of the OSI model. These MAC addresses are burned into the network card by the manufacture and are should be the only one in the world. The first 6 digits of the MAC address is assigned to the network interface card is the manufacture ID and the last 6 is the cards serial number. You can change your MAC at the software level (it wont change the burned in MAC address on the NIC) fairly easily. Read more..
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If your company is like most companies, you have users running as local administrators on their desktop. There are solutions to eliminate this need, which is a direction every company should make. When users run as local administrators, the IT staff has no control over that user or their desktop. In order for you to secure the local Administrators group on every desktop, you need to have some powerful tools to get the job done. There are typically three different tasks that you need to perform to secure this group, which we will cover in this article. Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista SP1 (with the RSAT installed) provide amazing new controls that make these configurations a breeze!

Task 1 - Remove Domain User Account

The initial task of securing the local Administrators group is to ensure that the user no longer has membership in the group. This is easier said than done, since most companies have configured the user’s domain account to have membership in this group at installation of the user’s computer. Read more..

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