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Security Articles

.Make sure the color is perfect coordination when using the color pattern for the wall with the restaurant.You will have to go towards a carpet company and he provides you with professional which will come towards your place not to mention measure suitable for you the exact measure of tiles essential for flooring.Also the experts can give a definite amount which is needed for the purpose of buying nice carpets, tiles or rugs.And in the event you get discount carpet, then you need to consider on your own as quite fortunateRead more..

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PHP's default configuration file, php.ini (usually found in /etc/php.ini on most Linux systems) contains a host of functionality that can be used to help secure your web applications. Unfortunately many PHP users and administrators are unfamiliar with the various options that are available with php.ini and leave the file in it's stock configuration. By utilizing a few of the security related options in the configuration file you can greatly strengthen the security posture of web applications running on your server. Read more..

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SHODAN lets you find servers/ routers/ etc. by using the simple search bar.You can search by keyword, and/or using any of the advanced search options.


  • country:2-letter country code
  • hostname:full or partial host name
  • net:IP range using CIDR notation (ex: )
  • port:21, 22, 23 or 80

Lets say you want to find servers running the 'Apache' web daemon. A simple attempt would be to use:


How about finding only apache servers running version 2.2.3?

apache 2.2.3Read more..

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When analyzing the code of a Trojan horse it often contains  methods  and functions that can be assigned to typical function groups and modules.  Even if the code and inner organisation seems to be chaotic and hard to understand because of  its structureless appearance you can assign a function to at least one of these groups. I want to give you the big picture, an overview about the inner structure of a Trojan horse and taking the confusion a little.


The Trojan horse is wrapped by its dropper which is not a core component in the proper sense. But because it plays an important role in propagation and the installation of  the Trojans it is worth mentioning it.Read more..

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Remote/Local File Inclusion Exploits

Remote and local file inclusions are just a problem on the coding end, like most exploits. Of course it takes a second person to make it happen, hehe. So this paper will hopefully give you some ideas on how to prevenet a file inclusion exploit on your website and most importantly, in your code. I will be providing the code examples in PHP format.

Let's take a look at some code that make the RFI/LFI exploits possible.

<a href=index.php?page=file1.php>Files</a>
$page = $_GET[page];

Now obviously this should never be used. The $page input isnt sanitized at all. The $page input is passed directly to the damn webpage, which is a very big no no. You should always sanitize every input passed through the browser. When the user clicks the "Files" link on the webpage to visit "files.php" it will look something like this.

Read more..
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Harmful Email Subjects to Avoid

I. Emails from people trying to infect your system and steal your  friends' email addresses for spam

I.1. Pictures of Osama Bin Laden hanging or Arnold Schwarzenegger's
suicide note
I.2. Email that seems to come from your system administrator or
other familiar sender that says your email could not be
delivered, or some similar statement.
I.3. Email with subject "Against!" or "Revenge"
I.4. Email with subject Re_ and body with animals or foto or other

II. Emails from people trying to steal your identity (and your money)

II.1. Update Your Billing Information (from eBay)
II.2. Your account at eBay has been suspended
II.3. Your account at Wells Fargo has been suspended
II.4. Notification of US Bank Internet Banking
II.5. Attn: Citibank Update
II.6 Confirm AOL Billing Info

III. Emails from people trying to fool you into hurting yourself or  your friends and coworkers

III.1 Subject: "jdbg" Virus: how to detect and remove.

More Details About Each AttackRead more..

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In this article I am trying to explain what DDOS is and how it can be prevented. DDOS happens due to lack of security awareness of the network/server owners. On a daily basis we hear that a particular machine is under DDOS attack or NOC has unplugged the machine due to DDOS attack . So DDOS has become one of the common issues in this electronics world. DDOS is like a disease which doesn't have an anti-viral developed. So we should be carefull while dealing with it . Never take it lightly. In this article i am trying to explain the steps/measures which will help us defend from DDOS attack ,up to a certain extend .

What is a DDOS attack?
   Simply said, DDOS is an advanced version of DOS attack . Like DOS , DDOS also tries to deny the important services running on a server by broadcasting packets to the destination server in a way that the Destination server cannot handle it. The speciality of the DDOS is that, it relays attacks not from a single network/host like DOS. The DDOS attack will be launched from different dynamic networks which has already been compromised.
Read more..
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So many people are getting their own dedicated servers but are completely clueless about security. Usually they leave it up to the company where they purchase it or hire someone. That's fine but make sure you have these 10 items covered.

Use a Firewall

Read more..
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Have you ever wondered how you could set your webcam up as a security camera and have the images sent to you somewhere else? Maybe you wanted motion detection or noise detection to turn it on automatically? Or maybe that's just us, and we're a little paranoid. Regardless, Periscope is a tool that lets you do all of those things with your webcam, and more.  

You can trigger it to start recording in several ways: motion detection, noise detection, via Apple Remote, or with a timer. Once it's on, it'll capture images and save them to disc or send them to a few other places for review. It works with Flickr, e-mail, FTP, iPhoto, and the now-obsolete .mac (presumably an upcoming version will support MobileMe). You can also time-stamp or add your own logo automatically to your pictures.

Even if you're not interested in the security applications of Periscope, you might find it useful for making time-lapse videos. With its ability to capture images at intervals, you could theoretically capture your entire day at your desk if you had the disk space. Although we tested it with a built-in iSight, Periscope should work with other webcams.
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