Penetration Testing

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Title: Ethical Hacking & Penetration Testing 
Author: Brad Causey & Bobby Rogers 

Computer Hacking is no longer the black art of computer geniuses. Exploit scripts and hacks are available to anyone with a web browser, so prepare yourself to protect your network by looking at security from a hacker’s eyes. Understanding what attack vectors might be used on your systems is a fundamental piece of the security toolkit. VTC Authors Brad Causey and Bobby Rogers present computer security from an angle that aims to put you into the seat, to protect your network through Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing. To begin learning today, simply click the links. 

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pwntooth (pown-tooth) is designed to automate Bluetooth Pen-Testing. It scans for devices, then runs the tools specified in the pwntooth.conf; included blueper, bluesnarfer, Bluetooth Stack Smasher (BSS), carwhisperer, psm_scan, rfcomm_scan, and vcardblaster.

pwntooth is a fully automated "search and destroy" tool for advanced users who wish to run a series of tests against each device in the target area. While there are some pre-configured lines in the pwntooth.conf file, it is mostly designed for users to specify their own pen-testing configuration. pwntooth can be used in conjunction with mant other tools not included in the package.

Included utilities in the toolsetRead more..

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Module 0: Introduction
Module 1: Business and Technical Logistics of Penetration Testing
Module 2: Information Gathering
Module 3: Linux Fundamentals
Module 4: Detecting Live Systems
Module 5: Reconnaissance -- Enumeration
Module 6: Cryptography
Module 7: Vulnerability Assessments
Module 8: Malware – Software Goes Undercover
Module 9: Hacking Windows
Module 10: Advanced Vulnerability and Exploitation Techniques
Module 11: Attacking Wireless Networks
Module 12: Networks, Firewalls, Sniffing and IDS
Module 13: Injecting the Database
Module 14: Attacking Web Technologies

Module 1: Business and Technical Logistics of Pen Testing

• Definition of a Penetration Test
• Benefits of a Penetration Test
• ID Theft Statistics
• Recent Hacking News
• The Evolving Threat
• Vulnerability Life Cycle
• Exploit Time Line
• Zombie Statistics
• Zombie Definition
• Botnet Definition
• Types of Penetration Testing
• Pen Testing Methodology
• Hacker vs. Penetration Tester
• Tools vs. Technique
• Penetration Testing Methodologies
• OSSTMM - Open Source Security Testing Methodologies
• Website Review
• SecurityNOW! SX
• Case Study and Lab

Module 2: Information Gathering
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The “Nessus” Project aims to provide to the internet community a free, powerful, up-to-date and easy to use remote security scanner for Linux, BSD, Solaris, and other flavors of Unix.


Ethereal is a free network protocol analyzer for Unix and Windows. Ethereal has several powerful features, including a rich display filter language and the ability to view the reconstructed stream of a TCP session.

SnortRead more..

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