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Download Free Google Android OS: Live Android CD Image for PC

Have you ever wanted to try the Android OS? but didn’t have the device that supports it, don’t worry you can still try the Google Android OS on your PC with the help of Live Android Image, just burn it on a disc and you are ready to experience the Android world, Insert the Disc and reboot your PC, Boot into Android OS, During Bootup you can use alt+F1 or alt+F7 to switch between GUI and console.

Google Chrome OS has also been announced, and it could be a better version of Android OS or may be completely different form of Linux OS specially designed for netbooks during its initial phase (releasing in second half of 2010), later it will also become available for mainstream desktop PCs.

Download Android OS from Rapidshare


Download Android OS via Torrents

Latest LiveAndroid v0.2  ISO Torrent

Release log Live  Android @GoogleCode

Android OS For Mobile:

Android Emulator Download 

android-sdk-windows-1.5_r3.zip for Windows

android-sdk-mac_x86-1.5_r3.zip for Mac Intel

*Android SDK includes Android Emulator

Download From Google



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Can wait to try this!!!!

Can wait to try this!!!!



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