Gray Hat Hacking, Second Edition



Product Description

"A fantastic book for anyone looking to learn the tools and techniques needed to break in and stay in." --Bruce Potter, Founder, The Shmoo Group

"Very highly recommended whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting out in the security business." --Simple Nomad, Hacker

From the Back Cover

Uncover, plug, and ethically disclose security flaws

Prevent catastrophic network attacks by exposing security flaws, fixing them, and ethically reporting them to the software author. Fully expanded to cover the hacker's latest devious methods, Gray Hat Hacking: The Ethical Hacker's Handbook, Second Edition lays out each exploit alongside line-by-line code samples, detailed countermeasures, and moral disclosure procedures. Find out how to execute effective penetration tests, use fuzzers and sniffers, perform reverse engineering, and find security holes in Windows and Linux applications. You'll also learn how to trap and autopsy stealth worms, viruses, rootkits, adware, and malware.

* Implement vulnerability testing, discovery, and reporting procedures that comply with applicable laws
* Learn the basics of programming, stack operations, buffer overflow and heap vulnerabilities, and exploit development
* Test and exploit systems using Metasploit and other tools
* Break in to Windows and Linux systems with perl scripts, Python scripts, and customized C programs
* Analyze source code using ITS4, RATS, FlawFinder, PREfast, Splint, and decompilers
* Understand the role of IDA Pro scripts, FLAIR tools, and third-party plug-ins in discovering software vulnerabilities
* Reverse-engineer software using decompiling, profiling, memory monitoring, and data flow analysis tools
* Reveal client-side web browser vulnerabilities with MangleMe, AxEnum, and AxMan
* Probe Windows Access Controls to discover insecure access tokens, security descriptors, DACLs, and ACEs
* Find and examine malware and rootkits using honeypots, honeynets, and Norman SandBox technology

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