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I'm assuming you've got your 5V supply tested and working. Next, we need to insert the ATmega168 into the breadboard and connect up power and ground.

ATmega8 (works the same with ATmega168) straddling the middle row of the breadboard

You will need to slightly bend in the legs of the DIP (dual inline package) to get the ATmega168 to straddle the breadboard center. Be careful! Do not bend the pins too far inward. The pins of the ATmega168 should insert into the inner two most rows on the breadboard. I find it best to to insert one side and then slightly push the IC sideways until the other side of pins can insert into the opposite row on the breadboard. Confusing, I know. Read more..

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Ubuntu 9.04 minimal development build for OMAP35xx

This page describes how to get a minimal Ubuntu 9.04 system up, using a SD card on an OMAP35x_EVM ARMv7 board.
Note that this environment is completely aimed at development, it has only the ubuntu-minimal and build-essential metapackages installed.

Partition the SD card

Partition a SD or SDHC card into two partitions, the first partition should have about 64M (less would suffice though) and should be vfat formatted.
Use the rest of the card for the second partition and format this as ext2.

Put root filesystem and kernel on the card

Mount both partitions of the SD card (if you are on an Ubuntu desktop system, just replug the card, the partitions should get mounted as /media/disk and /media/disk-1).
Read more..

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