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Title: Ethical Hacking & Penetration Testing 
Author: Brad Causey & Bobby Rogers 

Computer Hacking is no longer the black art of computer geniuses. Exploit scripts and hacks are available to anyone with a web browser, so prepare yourself to protect your network by looking at security from a hacker’s eyes. Understanding what attack vectors might be used on your systems is a fundamental piece of the security toolkit. VTC Authors Brad Causey and Bobby Rogers present computer security from an angle that aims to put you into the seat, to protect your network through Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing. To begin learning today, simply click the links. 

Title Description 
Course Overview (04:54) 

Ethical Hacking & Penetration Testing 
What is Ethical Hacking? (04:58) 
Types of Ethical Hacking (05:31) 
Responsibilities of the Ethical Hacker (03:12) 
Customer Expectations (04:04) 
Skills of the Hacker (04:16) 
Relevant Laws (04:54) 
Preparation (04:46) 
Types of Attacks (02:12) 

Methodology Overview 
Your Goals (02:34) 
Reconnaissance [passive, active] (05:11) 
Scanning (03:42) 
Service Enumeration (03:05) 
Vulnerability Assessment (03:35) 
Vulnerability Exploitation (02:52) 
Penetration & Access (03:24) 
Privilege Escalation & Owning the Box (02:40) 
Evading Defenses & Erasing Tracks (04:01) 
Maintaining & Expanding Access (03:22) 

Reconnaissance (Footprinting) 
Passive Reconnaissance (05:03) 
Using WHOIS & Other Tools (03:03) 
Active Reconnaissance (04:10) 
Active Reconnaissance Tools & Methods (04:55) 
Putting It All Together (03:09) 
Reconnaissance Demo (07:04) 

Scanning For Hosts (02:20) 
TCP Connection Basics (04:14) 
TCP Scan Types (07:18) 
UDP & ICMP Scanning (03:44) 
Scanning Demonstration using NMAP (05:19) 

Port & Service Enumeration 
Identifying Ports & Services (03:06) 
OS Fingerprinting (02:57) 
Popular Scanners (01:54) 
Demonstration (05:15) 

Data Enumeration 
Data Enumeration (05:12) 
SNMP Enumeration (07:14) 
DNS Zone Transfers (06:36) 
Windows Null Sessions (05:03) 
NetBIOS Enumeration (06:44) 
Active Directory Extraction (03:02) 

Vulnerability Assessment 
Vulnerabilities & Exploits (06:07) 
OS Vulnerabilities (05:59) 
Web Server Vulnerabilities (06:54) 
Database Vulnerabilities (05:25) 
TCP Stack Vulnerabilities (04:13) 
Application Vulnerabilities (03:05) 
Vulnerability Assesment (07:21) 

Penetration/Access/Compromise Pt.1 
Penetrating the System Pt.1 (05:28) 
Penetrating the System Pt.2 (03:11) 
Bypassing Access Controls (06:34) 
Password Cracking Pt.1 (04:58) 
Password Cracking Pt.2 (03:52) 
Social Engineering (06:28) 

Penetration/Access/Compromise Pt.2 
Session Hijacking Pt.1 (05:46) 
Session Hijacking Pt.2 (04:01) 
Privilege Escalation (04:45) 
Maintaining & Expanding Access (07:01) 
System Compromise (04:40) 

Evading Defenses & Erasing Tracks 
Where Your Actions Recorded Pt.1 (02:04) 
Where Your Actions Recorded Pt.2 (06:50) 
Deleting Log Files & Other Evidence Pt.1 (03:16) 
Deleting Log Files & Other Evidence Pt.2 (04:26) 
Rootkits (05:21) 
Steganography (06:58) 
Evading IDS & Firewalls (04:29) 

Introduction to Hacking Techniques Pt.1 
Encryption (06:07) 
Sniffers (04:15) 
Wireless hacking (06:29) 
SQL Injection (04:18) 

Introduction to Hacking Techniques Pt.2 
Buffer Overflows (05:19) 
Rootkits (03:52) 
Spoofing (04:33) 
Denial of Service Attacks (03:59) 
Web Hacking (07:00) 
Popular Tools 
nmap Pt.1 (06:38) 
nmap Pt.2 (02:14) 
SuperScan (04:30) 
Nessus (06:27) 

Penetration Test Demo 
Penetration Test Demo Pt.1 (01:41) 
Penetration Test Demo Pt.2 (00:59) 
Penetration Test Demo Pt.3 (01:05) 
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