Free Social Networking Application To Build Your Own Social Network

Thinking build your own social network, here is a list of free social network application  that able to build online social network for you own online Community similar like successful website such as MySpace, Bebo, and Facebook features.

So, What is Social Networking Website ?

Social networking website has been a new communication ways to facilitate communication, collaboration and content sharing across networks of contacts among online community. Meanwhile, Social networking services allow users to manage, build and represent their social networks online. Services usually (but not always) include other individuals; they might also include the profiles of events, companies, and even political parties. They may let you add anyone in the network as your friend or contact, or they might ask both parties to agree all connections.

Plus more, any social networking websites is designated to serve regularly by millions of people via Internet.

So, I have gather some free social networking applications which are developed continuously, well documented & offer impressive functions like popular social networking website.

Free Social Networking Application to Build Own Online Social Network:

Dolphin - Open Source Social Networking Software

Dolphin is the most popular social networking applications to create an online community. This free social networking application is built from PHP / MySQL. Meanwhile, it has unique social network features like social video network, blogs, social music networ, social picture network and etc.

Plus more, Dolphin Smart Community builder has actively developed and frequently upgraded for over 6 years. There are many plugins, templates, custom support you can choose from to fancy your own online community website. Apart from the standard social networking features, it has an integrated billing system for paid-networks.

Elgg - Free Social Networking Application

Elgg is a free social networking platform builder, which you can build a flexible, unique and successful social network for your user with common web application and social networking functionality which similar like MySpace, and Facebook social networking features.

Elgg social network application is build based on PHP / MySQL & comes with a JSON API. Plus more, it have its plugin based system enables adding new features easily from a plugins database or creating your own.

Elgg Social Networking Application offers:

  • Advanced user management and administration
  • Social networking
  • Cross-site tagging
  • Powerful access control lists
  • Internationalization supports
  • Multiple view support (eg cell phones, iPhone)
  • An advanced templating engine
  • A widget framework and more
PHPizabi - Free Social Networking Script

PHPizabi is a free rich social networking platform that integrates everything you need to jumpstart your community, dating site, or social networking portal right out of the box. It is built from PHP / Mysql and the core structure coding has been well optimized and designated to be scalable, adaptive, and modular, in order to easily wrap around the application(s).

Besides every feature that can be thought for a social networking site, it also offers multilingual interface, mass mailing to users, creating blogs and forum integration & more.

Community Engine - Free Social Network Engine Plugin

Community Engine is a free, open-source social network plugin for Ruby on Rails applications. Drop it into your new or existing application, and you’ll instantly have all the features of a basic community site including authentication & user profiles, blogs with tagging, photo uploads, forums & private messages, friendships & activity feeds and more. Plus more, Community Engine is an open source plugin for Ruby on Rails applications

So, above is the free social networking application that you can use to build your own online community. If you know others social networking software should listed above. Let us know via comments and share with others.  


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