The Basic Calculator Bug

Grab the nearest basic four-function calculator (the el-cheapo ones with just the basic functions and a small lcd screen.Almost all of these basic four-function calcs use the same circuitry, so this will probably work on yours. Keep in mind it doesn't work on software-driven or scientific calcs, it has to be the cheapo model.
Type the following sequence:

111.11111 [x] 10 [=]     

Now hold it right there. What happened? The period jumped a place. No shit. Thats what happens when you multiply something by 10. Press [=] again. The period should jump another place.
Wait.. what? What the hell just happened? The calculator doesn't repeat the operation. Instead it gives you 12345.678
Why? How can you explain that? It's pretty hard to, considering it couldnt possibly have rounded up like that, and it definitely didn't require more digits. Long story short, it does. It tries, but cannot successfully repeat an operation unless it is a very small one. It just gets messed up. Even more strange is if you manually typed [x] 10 [=] again instead of just [=], it would have worked just fine.It's true that almost every basic calculator will do this. Just think about how many false calculations were made over the years..

Another neat little trick is turning a basic calculator off without an off button.
Hold 2,3, and tap C/ON

What happens? The calculator shuts off instantly. If it doesnt work, try CE instead. If that doesnt work, try 1+2, 5+6, etc.
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