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Module 01 - Getting Started with Nmap
Module 02 - Nmap Basics
Module 03 - Scans for Every Occasion
Module 04 - Back Pocket Scans
Module 05 - Useful Scanning Options
Module 06 - Nmap Pings - The Search for Hosts
Module 07 - Recon Scanning
Module 08 - Ninja Scanning
Module 09 - Output Options
Module 10 - Windows and Nmap
Module 11 - Real-World Nmap Scanning
Bonus Content

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“Offensive Security 101 v.2.0? is a course designed for network administrators and security professionals who need to get acquainted with the world of offensive security. The course introduces the latest hacking tools and techniques, and includes remote live labs for exercising the material presented to the students.

This course gives a solid understanding of the penetration testing process, and is equally important for those wanting to either defend or attack their network.

Offensive Security 101 v.2.0 qualifies you for 40 ISC2 CPE Credits. This applies to students who submit their exercise documentation at the end of the course, or pass the certification challenge.
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This video tutorial teaches you how you can crack a window vista password.
Due to the lack of LM hashes, Vista passwords stored in the SAM file are harder to crack. However, the NTLM hash is the same as always and can be cracked if the password is weak.
Warning:for home use only
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