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Is Linux secure? The question is much less useful, than 'Is Linux "securable"?' The answer to the latter is a definite yes.

Being securable means that Linux can be made more secure (to whatever degree necessary) by applying a clearly defined sequence

of steps that always produces the same result, and that can be automated and applied to systems that have been in operation for

a long time. It would be ideal to be able to make securing systems understandable by regular system administrators who don’t

have formal security training. However, the last requirement might be pushing it a bit, since security will likely always

require expertise.

Linux can be made more secure by hardening the system.

| 1) Intruduction |

I wrote a step by step paper how to secure linux server with cP/WHM and
Apache installed. By default, linux is not secured enough but you have
to understand there is no such thing as "totally secured server/system".
The purpose of this paper is to understand how to at least provide some
kind of security to the server. I prefer lsws web-server without anyRead more..
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So its Saturday afternoon and you have nothing to do. As you glance around your room you spot a half full beer, a webcam, and that linux box that you have been wondering what you were going to do with. Seriously, why did you buy that piece of crap webcam anyway? A quick google search reveals that you might have a hard time even getting that thing working in XP, let alone your preferred OS of choice, OSX. =)

Ok, I know what to do.  First dont drink that beer.. Its old. Throw it away and clean up your room a little bit. Then go get another beer -- and lets try to finish this one Nancy. As you sit back and nurse your new beer you notice that your Asus EEE with BackTrack4 is in a somewhat different place than you left it. Instead of simply plotting your revenge on who ever you feel deserves the blame, lets try catching them next time red-handed.

Read more..

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This hilarious comic strip by xkcd illustrates one of the most important rules of system security: never trust user input. All user input to a program or website should be sanitized by checking and processing it to make sure that it will not do damage to the system.

There are several reasons why this is necessary. First of all, programmers have to deal with user ignorance that may lead to user input breaking the system. Second, programmers have to stop deliberate attacks designed to break the system.

How Input Can Be Used to Hack a System

In the xkcd comic strip the computer savvy mother hacked the school database by naming her son a MYSQL statement that causes the database to destroy the student records.Read more..

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Let's talk about the fun stuff. The first trick I will discuss is an activity that is becoming quite prevalant, SIM cloning. If you have paid attention to any cell phone related tutorials in the past, then you may remember cloning being made popular by certain public figures like Kevin Mitnick in order to place calls on the bill of another subscriber. Well, even with GSM this trick still holds relevant. How could such a flaw exist in a system that is obviously concentrated on preventing such fraudulant use? The flaw is within the COMP128 authentication algorithm used as an instantiation of A3/A8 widely used by gsm providers. Unfortunately for these providers, the COMP128 algorithm is just not strong enough to prevent fraud. We attack the algorithm by using a chosen-challenge attack, which works by forming a number of specially-chosen challenges and querying the SIM card for each one. Then by analyzing the responses from these queries, we are able to determine the value of the secret key that is used for authentication.Read more..
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156n this example we will hide a text message inside a picture. We have choose for this tutorial a text file named Secret.txt and a picture firefox.jpg.

1. Move your files you want to combine in a new folder, in our case C:\Hidden.

2. Add the file you want to hide into a new RAR archive (in our example named Secret.txt.rar).

3. WinRar created the archive in the folder where our files are located.

4. Open Command Prompt (Start -> Run..., type cmd and press Enter).Read more..

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What is Sandboxie???

Generally, if you are visiting hacking forums or various forums of free software downloads, some of these free downloads are affected or are attached viruses and trojans for malicious purposes. So, if victim installs them on his computer, the malicious scripts get installed on computer causing various problems depending on script. So, the better way is to install such applications on your PC but using Sandboxie.

Sandboxie will allow you to run your software downloads in a sandbox (in a separate memory area) to check whether or not they're what you were expecting. This can be great if you don't trust a download or freeware.Read more..

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