October 2009

This is a simple tutorial on, How to hack the WEP key of a wireless network. We have the tools available in ubuntu to get the WEP Key.  Before proceeding this I am mentioning the complete steps below along with the pre-requisites. This article seems to be very lengthy but please be patience while reading Read more..

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Theres plenty of papers out there that go into how to obtain an IP Address from the preferred mark of your choice. So I'm not going to go into that subject. Alright so say we got the targets IP Address finally. What do we do with this IP Address. Well first ping the IP Address to make sure that its alive. In otherwords online. Now at the bottom of this document ill include some links where you can obtain some key tools that may help on your journey through the electronic jungle. So we need to find places to get inside of the computer so we can start trying to find a way to "hack" the box. Port Scanners are used to identify the open ports on a machine thats running on a network, whether its a router, or a desktop computer, they will all have ports. Protocols use these ports to communicate with other services and resources on the network.

1) Blues Port Scanner - This program will scan the IP address that you chose and identify open ports that are on the target box.

Example 1:
Idlescan using Zombie 
(; Class: IncrementalRead more..
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Classified sites are really great money saver and you can contact directly your audience. You can save lots of money by using free classifieds and now you can buy and sell almost anything on classified sites, searching a job, a life partner for long or short term relation everything is on your finger tip.

In India classified site are more popular than social networking sites. Every day more and more people are now using free classified to reach their audience or buy/sell anything.Read more..

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Cellphone care and feeding

Cellphones are frequently used as gateways for communication with computers via SMS messages. For that purpose they tend to be tethered to the host computer by a serial cable (usually FBUS) and controlled by a suitable host software, eg. Gnokii. They are also powered from a mains adapter.

However, when transmitting, the phones demand a huge pulse current (sometimes 2 amps and more), even if its average current consumption stays in low hunderds milliamps at worst. The wall wart adapter is inexpensive and anemic, therefore even with mains feed, the phone stays woefully dependent on its internal battery (usually NiMH or Li-ion) to serve the energy when the mains feed is not enough.


Late in its life cycle, the battery becomes old, its capacity drops, and its internal resistance soars. The result is growing voltage drop during the pulse load. If the battery voltage falls below a threshold, the phone switches itself off. The symptom is a phone dying during handling a phonecall, and later even during sending/receiving a message.Read more..

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In this article we will try to give you a taste of web operating systems. What you can do with them and where to find them.

Some of the OS mentioned, require that you register an account, while others require that you have a beta invitation.Read more..

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