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So you’ve installed a flavor of Linux such as Ubuntu or you have shell access to a Linux system and you want to start doing some damage. The admins at LXPages.com compiled 10 commands that every Newbie Linux user should definitely know to start being effective.

1) ls

This basic command is your eyeball into the filesystem. Use it to list the contents of a directory.

A) To view details such as the file permissions, user and group owner, last time file was modified pass the l option as such
ls -l

B) You can search for filenames by using wildcards. To list files that start with the letter f, use

ls -l f*

2) findRead more..

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What’s wrong with using Windows? As with other addictions, informed recreational use has few drawbacks, but continual dependence on particular software is a different matter. If you simply can’t boot a computer without using Windows or can’t get anything meaningful done without it, then you’re an addict who needs to be weaned off this habit.       

Most addicts will tell you that kicking a habit needs to be done in stages and that the support of friends and relatives is vital. This feature will look at a step-by-step process for giving up Windows and moving to an alternative that doesn’t involve being locked into using one vendor.

One day at a time

Most people want to use a computer to get stuff done. They don’t choose a PC because of the type of software on it, unless this affects what they can achieve with the machine. Windows comes preinstalled on the vast majority of computers for sale, so it gets chosen by default.

Apple fans will go for a Mac, but people who aren’t driven by brand names are likely to avoid the Apple route because it costs more than a PC. Once saddled with Windows you’ve got to be pretty fed up with it to want to change. You also need to know that alternatives exist and have enough technical knowledge to implement them.

Few computers are on sale with Linux preinstalled, so they’re effectively only available to people who know they exist. There aren’t many PC vendors that provide computers without an OS pre-installed – although Novatech (www.novatech.co.uk) is notable for providing the option to buy each of its systems without?Windows. You can buy one and simply install a Linux distribution when you get it home. Read more..

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I have been a huge fan of Radio scanners for years now. But one of my favorite handheld radio scanners, and one of the more popular ones, was the Radio Shack Pro-95. I noticed when I was reading the manual that some frequencies were blocked. I couldn’t believe that Radio Shack blocked over 148,000 frequencies! The Pro-95 is a great scanner but I wanted to unlock its full potentional. This article will explain how to unlock certain frequencies for both the Pro-93 and the Pro-95 that were originally blocked by Radio Shack.

General Background Information on Radio ScannersRead more..

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Browsing? That’s so 90s. With the myriad of available Firefox plugins, you can do pretty much anything with your favorite browser, and many of these don’t have anything to do with browsing the web.
 From managing your groceries with Firefox to playing classic arcade games offline, we present 19 browser extensions that have nothing to do with, well, browsing.

Time Killers

Cards -A collection of solitaire card games including such games as Aces Up, Double Klondike, Double Solitaire, and many more.

Clines - An addictive game in which you must build colored lines to win.

Froggr - Relive the classic arcade game, Frogger, from the comfort of your favorite browser.

Mines - Another classic game - Minesweeper - in your browser window.

Mozteroids - A variant of the classic arcade game Asteroids you can play in your browser.

Pag-Man - A Pac-Man clone with a two-player mode.

PingPong - For those people who find playing Pong against other people too difficult, you can just play against the computer.

PONG! Multiplayer - Play a game of the classic game Pong while chatting with people online.

Snake - A clone of the popular game Snake and Worm.Read more..

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With this simple trick using a universal remote, you will never have to wait in traffic again! For instructional purposes only! For more information on this awesome hack and how it works,.
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Knowledge is power" To obtain information is no crime, to use that information sometimes is ! 
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